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Future Generali
Future Generali India Insurance Company

About Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance

Features of Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance

Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance policy provides quick and easy ways to buy policy online with a 24X7 claims support service.

Some of the salient features of the policy are as follows:

  • 24x7 claims support & assistance
  • Get about 75% cash payment in the absence of cashless facility
  • Exceptional inspection services make the process more easier
  • No additional document processing is required for settling your claims

Comprehensive Coverage

Future Generali Two Wheeler Insurance also offers comprehensive coverage for your two wheeler vehicle. The features of comprehensive coverage are as follows:

Natural Disasters Coverage: Under the comprehensive coverage this policy provides protection against naturally occurring loss or damages which include fire, lightning, earthquake, floods, hailstorms, hurricane, storm etc.

Man Made Calamities Coverage: The comprehensive cover under this policy also offers protection for loss or damage of your two wheeler caused due to manmade disasters such as theft, terrorist activity, burglary, riots, any terrorist acts etc.

Accident Coverage: This policy offers third party and personal accident cover for owner/driver under its comprehensive coverage. It also provides coverage for two wheeler along with the accidental coverage.

It also offers optional coverage under the basic comprehensive plan for the non-electrical accessories of your two wheeler which includes seats, leg guard, saree guard etc. Additionally under the optional coverage you can also safeguard electrical accessories of your two wheeler which covers horns, buzzers etc.

Discounts Offered

Following discounts are offered under the comprehensive coverage:

  • High Voluntary Access Amount: If you have good records of driving claims free you can also opt for higher voluntary deductible amount. This amount is paid before the insurance company and directly contributes to the part of the claim. This reduces the overall premium amount and you end up paying only a fixed percentage of claimable expense to the insurer.
  • Safety Devices: If you have Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) verified devices installed in your two wheeler you can avail additional discounts on your premium amounts.
  • NCB Discount: This discount is rewarded to the two wheeler insurance policy owners for not making any claims in the previous year. This discount ranges anywhere between 20% - 50% on your own two wheeler damage. This discount helps you in reducing your overall premium paying amount.
  • Automobile Association Membership: If you have a valid membership of Automobile Association you can avail additional concession of 5% while paying your two wheeler premiums.
  • Third Party Property Damage Discount: This discount is offered to individuals who opt for lower value for third party property damage.


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