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Future Generali
Future Generali India Insurance Company

About Future Generali Car Insurance

Types of Car Insurance policies from Future Generali

  • Private Car Insurance plan
  • Commercial Vehicle Plan

Future Generali Car Insurance provides online purchase of car insurance plans and the reasons why one should avail the same can be summed up as follows:

  • Transparent, fast, easy and reliable: The plans are very translucent, faster in processing, easy to understand and can be relied upon.
  • Simple Documentation: Easy and hassle free documentation makes all the online plans very simple.
  • Non stop Coverage: With an e-copy of the policy, the life becomes much easier and simple.
  • So online insurance plans for car, be it purchase of insurance plans or renewal of insurance plans, all becomes much more user friendly and customer focused.

Future Generali Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for -

Third Party Personal Liability covers you against:

  • Legal liability due to permanent injury and / or death of a third party.
  • Legal liability due to damage to a third party's property.
  • Own Damage Cover protects against the loss due to:
    • Loss or damage to your own vehicle in accident
    • Loss or damage due to natural (fire, earthquake, etc.) or manmade calamities (burglary or theft)
  • Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver provides adequate financial protection in case of Permanent Total Disability (PTD), death and cost of hospitalization due to a car accident.

Future Generali Car Insurance offers certain discounts that can radically trim your premiums.

  • NCB discount: Can be availed on own damage premium depending on the number of consecutive claim free years.
  • Installing Anti-Theft devices: Anti-theft devices, approved by ARAI, invites extra discounts on the premium.
  • Membership of AAI: Membership of any Automobile Association of India wins brownie points.
  • Opting for Voluntary Deductions: Higher you opt for the Voluntary Excess, lower will be your premium.


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