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Apollo Munich
Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

About Apollo Munich

"The name Apollo Hospitals is synonymous with superior medical practices and an enduring brand recognition factor in India. On 8th August 2007, this giant shook hands with Munich Health, a popular insurance brand that is recognized worldwide, and the outcome as expected, is an impressive pioneer in its speciality. Today, Apollo Munich Health Insurance is one of the most trusted and preferred health insurance brands in India.

The statistics are impressive- Over 80% of Apollo Munich's existing customers renew their policies each year, over 95% of the claims are settled within 30 days from the point of initiation of the claim with 15 days being the average claim settlement period, cashless authorizations happen within 2 hours from the point of claim intimation. No wonder, over 85% of Apollo Munich's customers respond positively when asked for a feedback. Truly, the company has the drive, the recognition and the resources to perch itself on top of the health insurance domain in India.

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