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About CITI Bank Credit Cards

Citibank is one of the premier banks across the world and has been operating in India for over 100 years.  Citibank, India offers complete range of banking and financial products to its customers and has been at the forefront of driving innovation in the banking industry.

FAQs about Citi Bank Credit Cards:

Am I eligible?

Citi Bank have different eligibility criteria for issuing different type of credit cards based on age, income, financial history etc.

Are there any charges?

Many cards of Citi Bank comes with free joining fees, but there are still few Citi Bank credit cards which have joining and annual fee structures. One must look at the same while applying for a credit card.

Can I use my Citi Bank credit card in a month over my credit limit?

While your transaction will be most likely declined, in some cases it may be allowed but an over limit charges will be levied.

Can I withdraw cash from Citi Bank credit card?

Yes, Citi Bank do allow cash withdrawal up to a percentage of the defined credit limit. However, there are additional charges associated with it.

How can i enhance my credit limit?

Credit limit is a function of your credit history and financial strength with Citi Bank, it takes time and discipline to make a strong history basis which your limit can be increased.

How much credit limit can I get?

Credit limit is a function of individual financial profile and is decided by Citi Bank.

What about interest charges?

If one makes the payment for the Total Amount Due before the prescribed Payment Due Date, no interest charges will be applicable. Therefore, you can enjoy interest-free credit from the date of purchase to the date on which the payment is due. Interest-free period ranges from 18 to 48 days in Citi Bank. However, interest will be charged if you do not pay back the Total Amount Due of the previous month statement by the payment due date. Interest is computed on the Total Amount Due and on all new transactions till such time the previous outstanding amounts are settled in full.

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a financial product which has a pre defined spending limit assigned and can be used by the owner/set of owners to conduct financial transactions up to the limit assigned. It comes with a interest free period for using the assigned credit limit.
Know Your CIBIL Score: When considering your eligibility for the loan, all lenders will seek out your CIBIL score to confirm your reliability as a borrower.


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323 days   ago
RATED 4.7 I have a Citi Rewards credit card. It has a really great reward programme and I often get special cash back offers for different merchants and e commerce sites. Will recommend this card to everyone.

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