About us

Confused about your next loan, insurance, forex or credit card?
Hesitant to buy online without an expert’s opinion?
Looking to learn from experiences of other users before you buy?
Want to share your opinion about your current financial products or brands?

MoneyzGuru is a platform which connects you to our network of experts representing various financial institutions. We enable you to find the best suited product for you and our experts assist you through the entire buying process thereafter. All this and more from the convenience of your doorstep in a secured and transparent manner at the click of a button!

MoneyzGuru offers 100+ products from over 30 financial institutions and our financial experts undergo a stringent 5 step selection process. We work hard to let you select the best products “Online” but finish the process from the comforts of your doorstep – once you have completely understood and are comfortable with all the features. All this and more within 3 hours of you booking a product on MoneyzGuru!

MoneyzGuru also allows you to voice your opinion about the financial products, brands and services that you have experienced. With Finance going social, you can rest assured that you will have the option of going through “real feedback” before you decide on your next product. What’s more, your financial institution and the rest of India is listening to your feedback.

In short, we have built MoneyzGuru leveraging the strength of technology without compromising on the essence of personalization and sound advice. So start writing reviews, buy your next financial product or just read what others have to say- we are here for you and here for good!